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Where are our sprouts?

Rä Nanoshoots are sprouts by another name, grown in a totally different way than “traditional sprouts” to assure your safety. 

Since 1996, the FDA has investigated over 48 outbreaks associated with traditionally grown sprouts that resulted in:

  • 2,499 cases of illness
  • 179 hospitalizations
  • 3 deaths

Major retailers chose to “disappear” traditional sprouts from the produce aisle to protect their customers.  But shoppers protested saying, “We still want our sprouts!”  What’s a poor grocer to do?

The traditional sprout problem

Traditional sprouts are grown in bulk drums at room temperature, “the temperature danger zone”, where pathogens can flourish.  They are then subjected to excessive tumbling and handling that can introduce contaminants.  Pathogen levels in the traditionally grown sprouts typically rise over ~5 log units in the growth phase

The COLD GROWN Rä Nanoshoot solution

Rä Foods LLC, in conjunction with the Vista Institute, took the process back to the beginning and developed the patent pending COLD GROWN process to produce sprouts in cold conditions that cause an actual pathogen die-off.  

They replaced the 50-gallon bulk drums by planting the seeds directly in 3 oz. retail packages so that from planting to the plate, the sprouts remain alive, growing, and completely untouched.

In repeated independent laboratory trials using inoculated samples, the patent pending COLD GROWN process was shown to produce an actual die-off of Salmonella and E. coli populations, on the order of a ~3 log decrease.  Those are the two organisms primarily responsible for food safety issues with traditional sprouts.

The new spouts received the name, “Nanoshoots”, to set them apart from those “other” sprouts.

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